3 Styles in 1 Look

Hey guys!

So I've compiled a look that can serve as 3 different styles. It's nothing fancy and it simply involves taking off layers, but can definitely be used as inspiration to any gentleman looking to step up their style - without going out of their comfort zone or putting in too much effort. Ladies can take notes too!

You might think, oh you're just taking off a piece and saying it's a new look?! You're silly.

You're right. However, some people aren't comfortable with particular styles and prefer to start simple or work with more basic combinations. So keep that in mind!

Let's begin.

1. Keeping it Simple


Don't care too much about style? Not sure what to wear? Want to be comfortable?

Then this is for you.


Throw on a denim shirt with a pair of casual jeans. Spice it up a bit by rolling up your cuffs and wearing some loafers. Simple. And you look great!

Well, that was easy.


2. I Know What I'm Doing.


You're not too comfortable with 'dressing up' but still want to look stylish. Again, simple.

Throw on a sweater. It'll up your style game by a lot.


It's fairly comfortable and looks good. You'll look put together, yet casual. You can't go wrong.



3. Layer Slayer


This is for the fellas that really wanna express their style. It is definitely warmer and heavier, but it looks classier overall.


If you're comfortable with putting on a few layers, this is the look for you. It'll make you stand out and keep you warm. Instead of wearing a heavy parka jacket, throw on a few layers with a nice coat and you'll be looking like a fashion aficionado.


Don't forget, you can totally wear a blazer instead of the coat. The coat simply serves more function to me.

(A huge thank you once again to Julie Yeh for the photography)


So don't feel bad putting in a little more effort, it'll show!

That's it fellas.

Thank you for reading! Stay stylish and warm!

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