5 items that will up your style game this spring

It’s that time of year again where we want to update our wardrobes for the warmer weather! You might have some staples from last season, but it’s always nice to add some fresh new picks to your style arsenal. Simple enough, right?

Well, we often find ourselves gravitating towards choices that we’re comfortable with – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there are also many versatile options out there that can work really well with your style, regardless of what it is. You might be curious about trying a certain colour for example or a certain type of fit in pants – Just give it a shot, now’s the time!

I find that adding new and exciting pieces to my wardrobe isn’t just about change, but more so for variety. When faced with the common dilemma of ‘I have nothing to wear, I need new clothes’ you can simply mix up your usual get-go – and voila, new outfit. Most people don’t even notice if you wear something more than once a week, so it doesn’t hurt to have more pieces that can work well with anything you own.

I’ll provide a few examples of my favourite go-to pieces, as well as my 5 picks this season. This will give you a better idea of how to mix and match for the remainder of the season. Keep in mind, my suggestions can be used as recommendations or simply as inspiration, because everyone has different taste! All of my picks are from Hudson’s Bay, so you can find more patterns and colours of most of my choices there as well.

My picks

1. Polo Ralph Lauren Plaid Cotton Oxford Shirt

This patterned shirt is everything you want for spring. The fresh colour combinations are versatile for any look, whether it’s dressed up or casual. It’s also a slightly heavier cotton oxford, so you won’t be feeling cold on chilly evenings. I paired it with a Ralph Lauren Stretch Cotton Sport Coat to create a more sophisticated look, while still looking fun for spring. Colour goes a long way!



2. Clarks Bushacre 2 Boots

You can’t go wrong with a solid pair of desert boots from Clark’s. Their iconic design is suitable for the pickiest of individuals. This pair of casual boots works best with a pin-rolled dark rinse denim jean, but can also go really well with chinos. They come in a variety of colours, so you can get a little creative with your combinations. They’re also extremely comfortable, so you’ll find that you can go hours in these without having to take them off. Sizing wise, they run a little large, so you’ll want to go down a size (sometimes half a size).



3. Polo Ralph Lauren Straight-Fit Stretch-Corduroy Pants

Some people aren’t big fans of corduroy, but there’s nothing to dislike about them. In fact, a great pair of neutral corduroy pants goes well with literally anything. This pair also has a stretch to them, so you’re not feeling constricted. I chose brown simply because it’s different than my usual choice. They’re also super comfortable!


4. Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Half-Zip Pullover

Besides the fact that this is on sale now, it’s an amazing colour piece to add to any look. It’ll keep you warm (without being itchy) and stylish throughout the rest of the spring. You’ll find this looking a little preppy with pastel colours, but you can opt for more common or neutral colours for a simpler look. I’m a big fan of quarter-zip sweaters and I think this Ralph Lauren one is a wardrobe staple!


5. Pegabo Monkstraps

If you haven’t experimented with monk-strap dress shoes, now is your time to do so. Although they’ve been around for a while, I find that most guys stick to traditional lace ups. Monkstraps are a stylish addition to any guy’s wardrobe and this pair is affordable yet solid. I have to also mention that they look great with a pair of jeans, so you can totally wear them in a casual outfit. This cognac colour is also perfect for spring!


Bonus: FULTON Shoreditch II

I decided to add this because every guy at some point needs a ‘big boy’ umbrella. This is a great choice without breaking bank, and it’s a very solid umbrella. Fulton makes fantastic umbrellas and this particular one is a great choice for every guy. It won’t be blown away by heavy winds and you’ll find yourself extra stylish (and dry of course) with this guy. It’s a good investment, but make sure you don’t lose it! (I’ve lost many umbrellas before)

Photos are courtesy of the talented @seanpollock, @maureenimphotography and @julie_yay ! Check out their work!

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