5 Tips on How to Look Like the Ultimate Gentleman

It’s remarkably easy to say you’re a gentleman, but looking the part sometimes eludes the best of us. Of course, not everyone can afford to buy bespoke suits and expensive pieces immediately, but there are ways you can look smart and polished without having to break the bank.

1. Get clothes that fit you

This may seem like an obvious consideration when you shop for clothes, but with the popularity of ready-to-wear clothing these days, many people take a proper fit for granted. Everything in your closet should accentuate your form— no drooping hems or big shirts should make its way to your repertoire. Do not be afraid to go to a tailor to make your clothes fit your size. A true gentleman knows how to wear his clothes and does not let his clothes wear him. If you have a bunch of clothing that you still like but don't fit you properly anymore, get them altered at a tailor - and they'll fit you great after!

2. Find timeless pieces to go with your outfit

Accessorizing is not at all a lady’s game. Small details, such as a classic watch, stylish sunglasses or a leather belt, can ensure that your whole ensemble looks dapper without being over-the-top. There are plenty of options available for every price point, but make sure to invest in accessories that complement the rest of your wardrobe. As a general rule of thumb, don’t go for anything too brash. Simple pieces can go a long way and are far more versatile.

3. Invest in good basics

When we think of a gentleman, we think of a devilish man in a tailored suit. Such an item is, and always will be, a must-have in your closet. However, do not neglect the basics. You can’t always be dressed in a suit, unfortunately, so make sure your casual clothes are up to par. Buy sturdy jeans and plain shirts in a variety of colors for your daily wear. Never forget to prioritize quality over quantity as these are items you are going to be wearing a lot. Only time will show you how good an investment these purchases are.

4. Look polished and be polished

A gentleman knows how to take care of his belongings. Invest in a good shoe cleaner. Take the time to iron your shirts. Wear clean clothes and immediately mend any holes. Your clothes are investments, and taking care of them will guarantee that they will last you longer. This isn’t limited to your wardrobe, however. Get a regular haircut, shave or trim when the beard gets out of hand and shower regularly. Looking sloppy has never done anyone any favours.

5. Invest in proper grooming

Some people can pull off the rugged look effortlessly, but most of the time, you will look a whole lot better by putting in the extra effort. Keeping your facial hair in check has its way of elevating your appearance, even on your most sluggish days. Take the time to trim your beard and keep it healthy with appropriate products. If you find yourself getting lazy or can't do it properly, go to a barbershop and let them do the work.

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These are pieces of advice that will work for everyone. Always remember that being a gentleman is a lifestyle, and dressing sharply is only a fraction of being one. Aside from the clothes you wear, remember that your attitude will ultimately be a deciding factor. Don’t forget to say please and thank you. Offer your help to those in need, and continuously expand your knowledge by reading, travelling, and learning to properly radiate the poise and style that makes one a true gentleman.

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