A Closer Look at Fidelity Denim and The Craftsmanship Behind the Brand

Have you ever had a pair of denim that you struggle to put on? Especially a pair that you've loved for so long, but since you're a committed fella or lady at the gym, your quads have just gotten too big!

Story of my life.

I decided to find a pair of jeans that didn't fail me once my thunder thighs were out of control. I strayed away from jeans for a little bit and stuck to chinos because of that problem, but I knew there had to be a quality solution out there for people like myself. There are a bunch of great brands out there, but with someone seeking comfort and fit, it was a bit of a challenge finding the right pair. When I did choose to make denim work, I tried experimenting with a bit of elasticity. I've had a great experience with pairs from Uniqlo, due to the stretch in the fabric and the comfort they offer, but they started wearing out around the crotch, and that wasn't too fun (they did fit great though). I stumbled upon Fidelity not too long ago and I wanted to give them a chance since the quality was visible, even though I didn't quite know what the fit would be like.

Initially, I was fascinated by how the brand was started: at 19 years old, founder Jason Trotzuk began gilding old pairs of denim out of his parent's basement in Vancouver and sold them to upscale boutiques, which later led him to pursue Fidelity, and stick to the quality and craftsmanship of hand made denim. Currently the brand imports fabrics from Italy and Japan, while creating their masterpieces in Los Angeles. Although the brand started with women's denim, they've also perfected men's denim garments, which enthused me to give the brand a chance.

The two pairs I picked out were the Jimmy and the Torino.

The Jimmy is your classic, slim-tailored-go-to denim (dark rinse being my choice). Unlike most jeans, this pair doesn't hug your thighs as most do. There's room in the legs (despite my large thighs) and movement doesn't feel restricted. It almost feels like you're in a pair of chinos because of how comfortable these are. To be fair, I haven't had them for that long to judge how well they wear in, but thus far, they've been a staple in my wardrobe. They pair well with nearly anything and they fit true to size.

I decided to create a more dressed up holiday look here, focused on the jimmy's versatility. I kept comfortable and stylish layers with a corduroy blazer to add a dressed up but cozy feel. Something suitable for those days where you've got responsibilities, but you want to stay mad comfy.


The Torino is an edgier and slimmer-narrow-leg pair that I found to be a little bit tighter around the legs, but still super stylish. It works really well with casual and bolder looks, since they accentuate your figure more. As flattering as they are, they're a fairly comfy option compared to many other pairs of denim I've had. I decided to showcase how far this pair can go by working it into two different styles. They're a little less versatile than the Jimmy in my opinion, but they can still compliment any look you decide to work with, because of their sheer simplicity and quality.

If you're willing to give them a try, you can find them online here or at Nordstrom!

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