A Closer Look at the BMW 750Li

At first glance, the BMW 750li hasn't changed much since the 2015 model. It maintains everything you would expect it to have - and some. In fact, BMW has gone above and beyond with the features of this vehicle (especially in the tier 2 package),  to the point where you would rather just be the passenger instead of the driver.  The reason I say that is not because the car isn't fun to drive; actually, it's a ton of fun and it's packing a 445-horsepower twin-turbo V8, with an eight-speed transmission and BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive system -but, it's so comfortable and roomy in the cabin that it's honestly more enjoyable to sit back and appreciate the technology and luxury offered.

With technology in mind, the driver takes advantage of gesture controlled features on the heads up display, making it extremely convenient to navigate the car while being aware of your surroundings. It also includes a many parking assisting tools, such as the bird's eye view camera (a feature that I really loved when driving the RAV4 Hybrid). The coolest feature that stood out to me was the adaptive driver experience control: which essentially allows the car to plan it's fuel efficiency based on the GPS route. There are still sport and eco-mode options, but the adaptive feature saves you the decision making and simply adjusts according to the given driving situation.

That all sounds fantastic, right? But wait till you hear what the cabin's got. As a passenger, you're given a massive amount of space to kick back and relax while on the go. The car provides you with state of the art gear to make your commute even more pleasant than you think. A tablet is provided in the backseat, and it allows you to control anything from the moon-roof settings all the way to an extravagant massage control system. It's such a unique perk that creates an added luxury to the already comfortable ride. That's not it. There’s the ability to put the right rear seat in lounge position where the right front seat moves forward, while also bending the backrest towards the dashboard. It also adds a footrest so you can completely kick back! I don't see why all business-class environments in vehicles aren't as accommodating to it's passengers. There's really no reason why you wouldn't want to just ride in the back and leave the driving up to someone else.

With all of that in mind (yes, it's a lot), I still don't think it's a car that's suitable for everyone. Why do I say that? Well, it's an amazing luxury vehicle that blows you away in various aspects, but it's a large after all, and I found myself not wanting to drive such a vehicle until I'm at least 35. I almost feel bad not being able to take advantage of all it's fascinating features, especially in the cabin. It tailors perfectly for a business man on the go, or a car hobbyist that enjoys a large car with power and a luxurious feel.

All photos are courtesy of the talented Sean Pollock (@seanpollock). A notable thank you to Don Cheng (www.canadianautoreview.ca) as well, for leading the collaboration with BMW Canada.

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