A Quick Guide to Business Casual

Hey guys!

So I have been asked numerous times: What is business casual? What do I wear to my new job?

Many of you are probably getting new jobs (congratulations to you all!) that require office attire or so called: business casual. Some also still wonder if they should change it up here and there to try something new and exciting, whilst staying within the business casual category.

I've prepared a simple guide, or perhaps a few examples of what you could wear to work, an interview, or any 'business casual' setting. Some looks may not necessarily be of interest to you, however I hope that you can be inspired in one way or another. Also, every look can be worn without a tie and still be considered business casual. I personally enjoy the tie because it adds eloquence to the look.

A huge thank you to Bows and Ties for the amazing ties! If you're a fan of any of the ties I wore, you can shop for them directly from the links below! They're reasonably priced and perfect choices for any guy!

So without further ado, let's get started!

A few things to keep in mind while going through this!

-There is no real acceptable way to wear a tie. I wore it shorter in some looks while longer in others. As for knots: try to stick with a half-windsor knot . It's a simple knot that isn't too large or bulky.

-You can wear runners with some business casual looks, however I recommend you stick to dressier shoes for the sake of keeping the look stylish.

-Don't throw on a blazer. I mean it's doable, but the blazer has to be super casual. Usually once you do that, your business casual may not be regarded as business casual anymore, even if it is a casual blazer.

1. The Regular Gent

DSC_0611    DSC_0620

Plain and simple with this look. If you don't want to get too fancy with your look, this is right for you. Plain shirt (go with white, light blue, or light pink), dress pants, and a fun tie if you desire (as it adds a bit of excitement to the look). You can be very minimalistic and do a plain tie too.

Square bottom knit ties are perfect for business casual as they are stylish and casual. You can still do the standard silk tie, but I find them a little dressier and work better with suited looks.

Typical settings for this look are: 

-Formal offices




2. The Nonchalant Fella

DSC_0556    DSC_0555

Wear your favorite casual plaid or patterned shirt and throw on a plain tie! Wear plain chinos or dress pants, but a pair of slim chinos work really well. If the pants fit you well, there's no need for a belt either. You can even wear the shirt untucked - but I think that element is what keeps business-casual, 'business casual', as opposed to just  'casual'.

Typical settings for this look are:

-Casual open concept offices



3. The Fashionista Guy

DSC_0538   DSC_0544

This is where you know what you're doing and you decide to get funky with color, yet you wanna maintain business casual. Denim shirts are a perfect shirt to work with! A rope belt also compliments that very well. Work with neutral colored chinos to allow your upper half to stand out! Furthermore, you can change the laces on your shoes to make them more exciting!

Typical settings for this look are:

-Casual/creative offices

-Lunch/Dinner date


4. The Edgy Dude


Stick to your ironed and perhaps patterned dress shirt while adding a little edge to this simplicity. A funky colored tie and dark rinse slim jeans work perfect to tone down the seriousness of the shirt. Work with funky socks and exciting shoes to maintain the edgyness of the look.

Typical settings for this look are:

-Casual/creative offices


-Lunch/dinner dates


Thank you for reading! I hope to have clarified some grey areas in the business casual sector. If you still have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to let me know!

Credits to my sister and Julie for the photos!

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