A Quick Weekend Adventure with the 2019 Ford Ranger

It's always a good time when you decide to take a spontaneous road trip out of the city. Regardless of whether you have plans or not, it's nice getting out into nature and exploring a bit. Being in the city is great and all - but after a week of hustle and bustle, you can't go wrong with a nice quick adventure beyond the urban jungle. I mean - there are multiple things that are nature related which you can do in a city, but disconnecting a bit is quite a bit of fun, especially when you're driving a truck!

Even though I had taken the 2019 Ford Ranger for a drive once before, I was eager to get behind the wheel again when I had the chance - since it was such an enjoyable drive last time around. Although I didn't push this truck to it's full potential, I found that it's still not a bad choice for those quick road trips out of the city. Yes - it is the smallest the pickup truck in the Ford lineup, but with that in mind, I think that makes it an underdog with a lot to offer. Even the truck's design is worth mentioning - since it stands out with its unique look. Fuel efficiency and raw torque were also notable with this mid-size pickup: the potent 2.3L EcoBoost engine, combined with 270 horsepower, 'beats other gas-powered pickups in its class with a torque rating of 310 lb.-ft.'

Everything from the spacious cabin to the vehicle's prowess made it the perfect companion for this road trip. And although we didn't venture too far out, it was a nice experience to get out and see other parts of Ontario. You really can't get enough of what this province has to offer!

We decided on a smaller Airbnb cabin out near Innisfil Beach park (again, not too far out from Toronto), but it was a fun little experience for a weekend. It's amazing to think how much there is out there that we haven't seen - and sometimes it's just exciting to get out and tackle just one of those things you've been so curious about. Most of the time I fantasize about doing stuff like this and getting out and about, but it really just takes some effort and action!

After that, the kind folks over at Ford provided us with a treetop trekking experience that was quite enjoyable as well, especially on the way back home to the city. I hadn't done something like this since I was a kid, so it was nice to bring out the child in me whilst having an outdoor experience.

All of this was done in a two day weekend. It wasn't a full-fledged vacation, but it was a nice refresher. I find that it's nice to look forward to the smaller things, because they're more accessible and end up being a lot more fun than you would initially think. You don't need to plan months in advance for something like this, but it does take a little bit of initiative.

Thank you to Ford Canada for providing me with the 2019 Ford Ranger for this driving experience. All photography is courtesy of Julie Yeh (@julie_yeh)

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