A Simple and Sustainable Fashion Accessory

Pocket squares have always been one of my favourite accessories. They're simple additions to your shirt or jacket that add pops of colour and excitement to your overall look.

Getting a pocket square isn't very hard. You can usually use any piece of fabric folded into the shape or style that you like and work with that. I've even cut pieces off of old scarves to create fun little pocket pieces, which is super fun considering that the possibilities are endless, all while practicing sustainable fashion!

Generally, I purchase pocket squares for the sake of having a pocket square, but it doesn't hurt to have a piece that can be used for more than just a pocket square. My friend Maureen (the photographer of the content below as well) told me about the knot wraps from Lush cosmetics, who now have that as an option instead of traditional gift wrap (for an eco-friendly choice), which can also double as a pocket square! At first glance, they're just pieces of fabric (organic cotton or 2 recycled plastic bottles) wrapped around your purchased products, but you can get really creative with them (Based on the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki, Knot-Wraps are a great way to wrap any gift). With father's day around the corner, these are a great option to consider. You'll be practicing sustainability and getting dad a fun little accessory.

As far as styling goes, I created two looks with the knot-wraps: one casual look and another more dressed up look; to showcase the versatility of these fun accessories. You can also do so much more - such as styling them as an ascot or even as a detailed knot-wrap on your favourite handbag  (mine is this lovely Ted Baker bag).

For the first look I simply threw in the knot-wrap on a casual henley with denim shirt combo, combined with a comfortable Fidelity denim jean. So comfortable and so stylish!

The second look was an ensemble that was perfect from #TedtoToe (Ted Baker), and combined fun, refined elements. The blazer is a neutral piece that works really well with any accessory or shirt, while the pants contrast it with a slight bit of herringbone linen details. The bag is the real star of the look however, since it elevates an already stylish look to something more elegant and practical. 

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