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During the fall, it's easy to start getting lazy with how you dress - considering the school work, and everything else on your plate, the last thing on your mind is how you're put together. It's easier said than done, but taking the extra time to add a bit of detail to your outfit can go a long way. Not only do you feel more confident, but you also look very respectable.

That being said, this outfit adds a little more to your typical button up and pants combo. Sometimes simple is the way to go, but  with the changing weather, it's nice to have the extra layer - and why not make it a fashionable-additional-layer? I chose the dark brown corduroy blazer as a contrasting option to the blue oxford and white pants. Not only does it stand out more, it also adds an earthy tone to the outfit, making the whole look more suitable for fall. I added a small scarf underneath the shirt as opposed to above the shirt in order to keep it discreet. Although it is somewhat hidden, the detail is still apparent and it adds a bit of character to the whole look - while keeping your neck warm. The pocket square here is not necessary, but I love small details that enhance the overall look - and you can never go wrong with that as an option. Also, your blazer pocket looks lonely and unfinished without an accessory in it (just my opinion). Even the gloves are mostly for the detail, but they do come in handy if it gets colder outside. Any kind of gloves work with this style of outfit, but I chose driving gloves since they add an edgy touch to the look. Although you can't quite see the socks well, I went with a tone striped sock (burgundy/navy), which is a great choice for the fall and winter. You can really go wild with sock choice, but here the subtleness of the colours and appearance keep the attention drawn towards the blazer, rather than the shoes. Finally, for shoes I went with monkstraps again. Clean choice that's versatile with many things. You can also wear oxfords, loafers, or desert boots with this look.

Thanks for reading! Stay classy gents!



Corduroy blazer: Club Monaco

Oxford shirt: Club Monaco

Scarf: Club Monaco

Pocket square: Banana Republic

Driving gloves: Club Monaco

Belt: Club Monaco

Pants: Club Monaco

Socks: Ralph Lauren

Shoes: Zara

Photo credits to the talented Sean Pollock - Check out more of his stunning work at

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