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Hey guys!

Today's post will focus on putting together various neutral tones - which you can never go wrong with. Neutral tones not only work with other more exciting colors, but also with one another. For those who don't enjoy putting too much color into their wardrobe, this look could inspire you to do more with your neutral basics!

Also, I'm a big fan of layers, and since the weather is getting warmer, I can't layer up the way I used to in spring and fall! However, that doesn't mean you have eliminate layers all together.

Although we're working with neutrals, that doesn't mean we can't do patterns. The shirt I wore is a white button up with small black polka dots. This adds a pop to your visible collar (no pun intended), and also adds more excitement to the look - in a very subtle manner, of course.

I paired the shirt with a pale yellow linen tie, which is light, and a fun accessory! If you're not personally a fan of ties and enjoy keeping the look rather casual, opt for working with one button open at the top, or fully buttoned up without a tie. You can also substitute the tie for a bow tie or an ascot if you really want to stand out!

The sweater I layered with is a simple grey sweatshirt. I was fortunate enough to find a sweater with the letter 'A' on the front (A for Awesome.. or Abdulla) and it worked really well on top of the dressed up shirt tie combo. It adds a more casual vibe to the look and almost makes it kind of collegiate like (the font mostly). If you're not a fan of letters and logos, which usually I'm not, you can opt to work with a plain grey or cream sweater. Even hoodies work as good substitutes - depending on how warm it is outside.

For the pants, I kept it simple with a cream slim fit chino (that was hand made by Olivia, thank you!). I decided to work with a cream color instead of grey because the greys would clash and keep the look rather plain. You could also work with white pants or shorts, which are great alternatives on warmer days or based on what you fancy more.

Once again, I wore my beige monkstraps, since there was no shoe more fitting for this look. Based on what you have in your wardrobe, you can work with light colored sneakers, loafers, or even flip flops. I would try to stay away from loud colors or black - however, it can be pulled off and you might even look better doing so, if done right. So go wild and don't be afraid to experiment! I just thought I'd keep it all neutral for this particular outfit.


Finally, a huge thanks to Borys Petriczko for the phenomenal photos, as well as David Drab and Sean Pollock for the spontaneous shoot.

Thanks for reading fellas! Happy Friday!


Polka Dot Button-up: Club Monaco

Sweater: H&M

Tie: Club Monaco

Chinos: Handmade by Olivia D'Alessandro (Il Pleut)

Monkstraps: Zara

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