An Evening at the Barber Shop ft. Barber and Co.

Deciding on where to get a haircut, trim or shave, is no easy task, especially if you don't already have a go-to barber. Well, that's my case. And I'm always open minded to trying new barber joints or salons to create a comparison and understand what works best for me. Although my hair is unruly and curly (hard to take care of at times), it's nice finding a barber shop that understands exactly what to do when it comes to managing the mess that is my hair/beard.

Anecdote time! So when I was in Asia for a while, I remember having a really difficult time finding someone who knew how to cut curly hair. So I ended up with whacky haircuts most of the time, but hey it was an experience. Now that I've begun to figure out what works for my type of hair and head shape (it makes a difference guys, trust me), it's nice to know that a few spots know exactly what I need.

I'm going to be focusing on the experience I had at Barber & Co. (89 Ossington) the other evening. There are many great barbershops in the city, albeit this one had something special that stood out to me. I had attended their launch event when they arrived in Toronto (the brand originates from Vancouver), I was excited to see how they managed to combine a barber shop with a gift shop, which was really more of a speakeasy bar and social club. It was a cool take on the men's grooming experience, which usually involves barber talk and waiting, if you're in line, but this shop had it all figured out. The atmosphere was also super relaxing - to the point where you could honestly sit there and spend more time than intended. I hung out in the gift shop browsing wares (literally everything from classic comics and hot wheels to Rolex watches) and examining the exquisite cocktail den while in complete awe. It really is a spot that you must see first hand to appreciate the true creativity and craftsmanship. They also have a Canadian made line of products (matte pomades, beard and shave oils) that help you in check in between visits to the barber.

I got acquainted with my barber for the evening, Martin, who was a fantastic gentleman that took great care of me. It was a short-lived trim and neck shave that felt satisfying and refreshing. Time flew by extremely fast because Martin really made me feel at ease. If any of you get a chance, it is essential to get a hot towel neck or face shave, as it is such an amazing feeling.

Next time you're in the area, pop in and check what these guys are up to. It's a quaint spot with a lot to offer for any gent.

Photos are courtesy of Laura Rowe and Julie Yeh.

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