An Evening with Spier & Mackay

A quick introduction to Spier & Mackay: A Canadian menswear destination for custom shirts and suits, as well as off-the-rack options, all while being reasonably priced.

The really cool thing about their off-the-rack choices is that they analyze the various custom measurements they receive from their clients, and implement them into their products. This easily tailors to more gentlemen interested in a grab-and-go option, even if they have custom needs. As a guy with awkward body measurements, I find that to be extremely useful, especially when I don't have time to wait for a custom suit or shirt.

My curiosity lied in what they offered and how they were in comparison to Indochino (specifically because that's where my custom suiting experiences were).

The company is smaller, and offers an intimate experience. I was also impressed by their fit - which was very modern and flattering, regardless of body type. Although I didn't get to gauge the feeling of wearing one of their suits for a long period of time, I felt that the quality was in fact there - and the suits were very practical, due to the fact that they use super 110 fabrics (very good for day to day use).

At the event, the staff were very helpful in educating me about their products and their business model, which felt like a hangout as opposed to a sales pitch - so I thought that was very welcoming! (Thank you Jason and Mia!)

I expect to see Spier & Mackay grow and compete with other made-to-measure brands, since they share similarities to my past experiences with Indochino. If you're interested in finding out more about the brand, you can check out their website here.











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