Beating the Heat in Style

I'll admit it: It's hard to focus on dressing well in this heat. You just want to be comfortable.

It's also very easy to opt for a t-shirt and shorts immediately, which aren't bad choices in the heat, but sometimes you want a more stylish look for various reasons. And you don't have to be sweating your butt off wearing heavier materials, so here are a few tips on how you could pull off a great dressed up look, without being too hot!

1. Find yourself light cotton or linen shirt that you like, short sleeve or long sleeve. If you're someone that sweats a lot, try wearing an undershirt or light tank top underneath. It sounds like you're just layering up, but the undershirt really helps reduce the sweat on your actual shirt, so it doesn't look like you're sweating as much.

2. Wear shorts. Again, light cotton or linen pairs look stylish and are super breathable.

3. Don't hesitate to roll up your shorts a few times. They don't have to be super high, but I find that giving your legs more air makes you more comfortable overall.

4. Don't overload your pockets. I find that when I have more in my pockets, especially on hot days, I tend to get uncomfortable after a while. Try slimming down your wallet/phone case and try carrying only essentials.

5. Invest in a good stylish sandal. If you find a good pair, they're not only breathable, but comfortable. Besides, they'll make your look stand out.

I've added a few recommendations below based on the pieces I've worn. I hope this sparks a bit of inspiration to make your stylish mind stay active, even in this heat!


Doesn't look so bad overall, right? Depending on your comfort level, tuck or untuck your shirt.


Want to wear a tie? Try a casual knit tie to complete your look! You can find similar reasonably priced ones here.


This great shirt by Ted Baker is super fun because of the unique floral print - and it's super light!


I'm totally obsessed with this Christian Paul watch right now. Ugh. But feel free to accessorize as you please, depending on your comfort level.


Finally, these bad boys seal the deal. I picked them from Urban Outfitters about a year ago (unsure of the brand), but they're great: comfortable and stylish!

Thank you to Ahmed Alkoka for the stunning photography, check out his instagram @ahmedalkoka.

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