Building Your Wardrobe Just Got Easier!

Sometimes you look into your closet and wonder, 'how am I gonna make any of this work?'

This was definitely the case with me when I started making changes to my personal style. I wanted to dress like an adult, or at least look like I knew what I was doing and it wasn't easy doing it overnight.

Well, it never really is - but it's getting a little bit easier. It obviously took me a long time to build my wardrobe to what it is today, and I've never been a big believer in big shopping hauls. The idea sounds glamorous, but in practicality, you find yourself with too much 'stuff' and I personally tend to lose appreciation for each individual garment. But there is a halfway point (moderation is always key), where you can pick up a few things here and there or have pieces curated to your style, delivered to you once a month.

Pretty cool, right? Adding a fresh essential or two every month is a great idea when it comes to building your wardrobe. Not only are you adding variety, but you're creating more versatility to your looks. With each piece you get, you can add an updated touch and change it up. For example, if you picked up a blue oxford shirt and a pair of chinos one month, the next month you can add a cozy sweater to layer on top, or even a henley to layer underneath. And from there, you build on to more niche pieces or start mixing and matching. You get the idea.

Frank and Oak recently launched their one of a kind style subscription box, and it's been quite fun to receive. Getting a box with clothes is always a good thing - and until December 31st, you can get it for only $39/month (regular $54/month) with member pricing as well - which means everything can be purchased at a reduced price of 20-25% off. The monthly cost also applies directly as credit to items you purchase.

In my honest opinion, if you're trying to grow your closet and don't know where to start, this is a great option for you. It's a very accessible idea that can really elevate your style game, without much hassle. Those who prefer to buy one thing at a time can also benefit from the style subscription box, but it really comes down to how often you want to purchase new garments.

I've listed below the pieces that I've picked up for the month of November (you're allowed to copy me, it's okay). I hope this can serve as a source of inspiration at least, but if you decide to give the style plan a try, you won't regret it.

(Check out the unboxing video here!)


Wool-Blend Donegal Sweater in Light Beige

The Jasper Oxford Shirt in Light Blue

All photography is courtesy of Sean Pollock (@seanpollock)

Check out the style plan subscription box here.


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