Business on Top, Casual on the Bottom

An outfit post that has a bit of limited timeline to it - because it's getting a little colder out. Slowly but surely, it's getting colder, so wearing shorts is becoming a less desirable option - however, that can easily be substituted with chinos. Overall though - this look essentially looks like the type of thing you'd wear during a Skype interview, since you look put together on the upper half, but the lower half - well, it's way more casual.

It was a lazy Sunday and I didn't want to get out of these comfortable Ryu shorts (great workout shorts, by the way), and so I decided instead of losing them completely, why not do a little more the upper half of the look?

I layered a light cotton oxford (Club Monaco) with a denim work shirt (dstld). It's a simple double collared look, but I added more to it by throwing in an ascot (which I still have trouble tying 7/10 times). It adds a pop of colour to the look - and it makes everything work well together.

Again - sneakers because I kept the look super casual. I could've opted for loafers, but I was in a sneaker mood, and these 574 classics from New Balance are super comfy. The leather messenger bag (Brave Leather) is a great contrasting accessory since it's quite refined. It also fits my essentials for the day (laptop, some pens, etc).

I'm not saying you should adhere to the style principles of this particular look, but it's oddly fun what you can come up with when you get a little creative with garments that aren't made to be 'so-called stylish'. These grey Ryu shorts ended up being the perfect comfort option for the outfit, and had I not tried to create this look, I would have never known! So I encourage you to do the same.

The takeaway: don't be afraid to have fun and experiment with your looks.

All photos are courtesy of Julie Yeh (@julie_yay)

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