Buying Your First Quality Watch Without Breaking Bank

Before we get started, many of you might be thinking, why watches? Don't we have smartphones to tell time now? Well, yes - it's become so easy to check your phone for the time, whenever you need to. However, I think that there are benefits of having an actual wristwatch.

At a certain point, you'll probably begin looking for a watch and you'll have no idea where to start. You've probably heard the name Rolex being thrown around and how they're great expensive watches, but we don't have to go there just yet. It can be daunting trying to find the appropriate watch without breaking bank. There's so many to choose from, plus you don't know which brand makes the best watches (to be fair, there are quite a few that do, but some might not be what you're looking for). I don't speak about this as an expert, but rather as someone who also struggled to find a good, solid watch.

Over the last little while I've become interested in watches because they're really more than an accessory (maybe because I'm also getting older). Besides the fact that they tell time and look good, they carry a personal sentiment that is unique to the wearer.  I've started conversations with people over my/their watches and I end up learning a lot about people through their watch choices, and why they choose to wear a certain timepiece.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a great or respectable watch. Like anything in fashion or style, what you wear is merely based off your personal taste and what you consider to be appropriate - for you.

So feel great when you wear any kind of watch - and simply own it.

I've recommended a few suggestions below based on my personal experience with the brands, as well as their pleasing aesthetic. They're reliable timepieces that I've worn a while and are still kicking to this date. If my taste is a little too simple for you, there are much more intricate timepieces to look at from the same brands that might better suit your style, and obviously more luxurious pieces out there. I just think that versatile and reliable watches are suitable for any guy who cares about practicality, as well as style.


Seiko Solar Automatic

A great, simple watch that will last you years to come. It's an automatic solar watch, which means you have to wear it constantly to get the most out of it. Seiko has been making quality watches for a long time now, and they've only improved over time.


Tissot PR100

Commonly referred to as the affordable luxury watch, Tissot is another brand that's been around for a while (since 1853). Their quality Swiss movement watches are reliable and stylish. This is a great steel watch that can be worn with anything. It is one of the few metal band watches that I'm a fan of, because of its sheer simplicity.


Tissot Classic

Another Tissot recommendation because it has to be one of my favourites. Simple, yet elegant. Love the cracked leather that ages like a fine wine.


Casio Gold Classic

This watch made it on this list because again, I'm basic. I love the classic and retro feel to this watch - and it's simply a tank. It's been kicking for a while despite exposure to many elements. For a 'cheaper' watch, this Casio a great day-to-day timepiece.


Timex Classic

Similar to Casio, Timex isn't really 'up there' when it comes to watches, but they make great day-to-day watches. They've actually stepped up their game big time, and their watches are actually aesthetically pleasing and durable overall. This piece is yet again, simple and refined, which can up your game with any look.


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