Compact and Competitive | The 2019 Acura ILX

At the beginning of the year, I took the 2019 Acura RDX for a spin that ended up surprising me in many ways. It was a charming ride that had everything you could ask for in an SUV. My genuine enjoyment of the RDX encouraged me to take another Acura model for a whirl. I was eager to get behind the wheel of something more compact - but with the same boldness of the redesigned RDX. Without much hesitation, I went for the 2019 ILX A-Spec.

It was a smaller Acura vehicle, but the experience wasn't compromised because of that. I enjoyed every moment driving this charming red sedan, since it was more than I had initially expected. It presented a smooth handling experience, as well as a stiff suspension, which really became more enjoyable the more I drove it. Turning corners in the ILX felt like I was in a European competitor (first that comes to mind is the Audi A3), which made me have a greater appreciation for the car's capabilities.

Although it only packs a 2.4L engine with just over 200hp, it feels like it has more; and it's size becomes less of a concern when you factor in the spacious interior the ILX has. Even the smaller details in the vehicle stand out. The A-Spec's interior and exterior details present a refined and sportier aesthetic, which in my opinion, elevate the driving experience. I especially enjoyed the aluminum pedals, along with the rest of the interior's details because it made me feel empowered behind the wheel.

A premium compact sedan with supercar aspirations, [the A-Spec,] NSX-inspired package is high-performance, inside and out.

I took the car out on a colder day, when the weather also didn't look too great. Initially it was demotivating since the conditions weren't ideal - but hey, it's all about making the most out of any given situation. Besides, having a cherry red car made life much easier, since it stood out amongst everything else.

We went to a mundane area that had a decent clearing where we could park the car and take the some candid editorial shots. Although I was able to drive the ILX for longer than this shoot may suggest, I feel that the content appropriately showcases the beauty of this compact sedan.

A big thank you to the talented Julie Yeh (@julie_yay), for helping me capture some of these awesome shots, and thank you to Acura Canada for the wheels.

Enjoy the stills - and thank you for stopping by!

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