Drawing Inspiration from the Archives

During this limbo of fall and winter, it can be hard to decide on what you should wear, because it's either very cold or okay cold where you'll need to lose a few layers at some point. I often find myself wanting to jazz up an outfit, but choose not to because it's really cold out. We're at a time where it's much easier to throw on a parka than take the time to plan a stylish outfit - if we're being completely honest here. Now don't get me wrong, parkas are fantastic choices and can be stylish at times, but I still appreciate a dapper look that still keeps you warm.

Putting together an outfit can be time consuming, especially if you're trying to find a combination that stands out and looks good. I usually find myself drawing inspiration from menswear across Instagram, magazines and other online sites - but I decided to switch things up a bit this time.

Outfits from the Past

Looking back at outfits you've worn before can be one of the greatest sources of inspiration when you're down on ideas. You already have the clothing (most if not all of it, at least), and you get to see how it looked on yourself - so it saves you that extra bit of time. 

I came across an older picture where I wearing this scarf (believe it or not it's a women's scarf) and this corduroy blazer, and I thought to myself: 'wow, why I don't I wear this again? I could even add a few newer pieces to update the look, too!'

Since we can be overly self-conscious of ourselves, we sometimes overthink and assume that people will 'care' when we wear something again. People will have opinions regardless and it's nice to just own your confidence and wear what you like/want. So contrary to popular opinion, I would argue that it is totally acceptable to wear something again - especially an outfit! It's a sustainable practice, plus you're able to add certain touches and updates that improve your style aptitude over time.

So here's the look. Simple, warm and stylish. It's a little bold for some, but it's functional for everyone. I threw on a Uniqlo heat tech long sleeve and layered a Docker's flannel (hidden) for warmth and comfort. The corduroy Club Monaco blazer was a perfect choice for a jacket and the scarf added the pop of colour to the look. I also paired that with a pair of dark rinse denim from JOOP Jeans - which is a comfortable choice for a quality pair of denim. Finally, I finished the look with a pair of simple Chelsea boots from Frank and Oak

All photos are courtesy of Julie Yeh (@julie_yay).

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