Dress well and feel better!

I firmly believe that if you dress better, you will feel better.

It goes hand in hand with confidence. If you're putting some effort into your appearance every day, odds are you are also going to appreciate yourself more because of that.

Not only that, but once that becomes consistent, you will develop standards for yourself that allow you to constantly grow and feel better about yourself.

You'll also appear more attractive, and people will notice that you take care of yourself. You'll become a positive influence around others and will naturally gravitate towards other positive people.

It becomes a lifestyle that allows you constantly look good, while allowing you to feel at your best.

With the content I write, I hope that I can be an inspiration to everyone, regardless of their sense of style or fashion consciousness.

I used to be a rugby player, who went on to work in construction for a little while. I know that feeling your best comes from how you put yourself together, even at the worst of times.

And no, it doesn't have to be expensive clothing and gear. Just clean and stylish bits of creativity that make you a dapper individual.

What's the worst case scenario? You tried your best. Even if you don't agree with what I say, I feel that you will walk away with some sort of inspiration.

Never forget to believe in yourself though, and nothing happens overnight!

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