Easing Into Spring: The Monochromatic Approach

Since I've been back to Toronto, it's been difficult adjusting to this so called 'spring weather'. But eh, that's Canada for you. And boy did I miss it...

On the plus side, it's allowed me to get back to layering, one my favourite ways to style up a look, using a variety of pieces. And since it's still kinda chilly, bringing out too much colour doesn't really match the way I feel about this weather.

So I've decided to focus on neutrals (black and white), while adding touches of colour to ease my way into this cold spring season.


So the ins and outs of this look: I started with a plain white tshirt (hidden) to layer and keep warm. It's not noticeable but it does a really good job keeping you warm, while being outdoors. The only drawback is that it adds a little more bulk to your look.


On top of that, I put on a white oxford shirt (thicker cotton for more warmth) and decided I'd wrap in a paisley printed scarf. This adds a subtle yet distinctive bit of detail and colour to the look, without being too colourful. Same goes for the watch!


For the outerwear, I could have worn a trench coat or a bomber jacket, but I decided to keep the look edgy by working with a moto jacket. It turned out to be a look that I enjoyed!


To finish off the look, I threw on a pair of black jeans to keep the monochromatic theme of the outfit. I simply paired the outfit with combat boots for a stylish and edgy finish.

As a final note, if you're not a fan of throwing in too much colour into your looks, try adding simple and subtle colour details with your accessories. It'll give any plain look a stylish and unique edge!

Thanks for reading! Stay warm and stylish!

And a huge thanks to Matt Makhoul for the photography! Check out more of his work here. Truly a talented individual!

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