End of Summer Nostalgia

Hey guys!

With summer coming to an end, it's easy to miss the great weather and simple outfits! Fall is around the corner and naturally the weather will start to get colder, which will ultimately cause you dress warmer. Before that however, there's a period of time where we can transition our summer pieces into Fall-ish looks, without completely forgetting about those pieces since they're technically out of season.

Just because the season is changing, doesn't mean your style has to change! If you want to stick to light casual looks, work with your simple pieces and get creative. Roll up the sleeves on your t-shirts and cuff your jeans for an effortless way to look more stylish.

And don't retire your nice sneakers just yet! Squeeze in a few more looks with them and you'll feel better about yourself once you hide them away during messier weather that's yet to come.

(had to include this photo because it made me laugh)

But you can also bring out some stylish pieces to upgrade your look and look even more stylish, while still being comfortable!

You can work with simple things like pocket squares, ascots, scarves - you name it. If your t-shirt has a pocket, consider it a bonus since you can throw in a pocket square and spice up your look.

I chose to throw on a paisley ascot to style up my basic look. I also added a pair of oxfords (looked much better when I changed the colour of the laces from white to brown) which made the outfit look more sophisticated.

With that being said, don't be afraid to experiment and try different combinations! If you feel like dressing up your look a little more, throw in a tote bag instead of a backpack! I also decided to add on a chambray blazer (a little oversized) that complimented the look really well. Overall it's a little warmer for those colder days, and it looks even better!

What I've done is completely bare bones and simple. But you can totally add more accessories, wear button ups - go wild. I decided to keep it simple for the sake of getting my point across - which is: you can make any outfit better with a few additional touches.

Don't forget to have fun and get creative! Although Summer is almost over, try to maintain the healthy habits you picked up throughout the season! Be it exercise or better eating. Carry forward positivity into your daily life and into the lives of others! I believe you can start with dressing well and feeling better about yourself - and everything else will hopefully take care of itself!

I also want to finish off by saying thank you to the talented Vivian Han for the phenomenal photography (more of her work here)! It was my first time shooting with film, and it somehow turned out fantastic! Thanks Vivian!

Thank you for reading, stay healthy and embrace change!


Blazer, T-shirt, Jeans, Tote Bag: Club Monaco

Oxfords: ASOS

Sneakers: (Nike Air Huarache)

Watch: Casio

Ascot, Pocket Square: eBay (Asia)

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