Entering Fall in Comfort and Style

It's beginning to get a little cold outside, and while that's not really a bad thing (I enjoy fall and spring the most), it means that you can start putting together looks that involve more layers and details. By this I also mean that you're capable of bringing out pieces that you haven't worn in a while and experiment with them. It also doesn't hurt to pick up a few new purchases to add versatility to your wardrobe

Today I want to focus on two particular pieces that aren't generally a natural combination: a comfortable golf polo and a tweed blazer.

When fall rolls around, I naturally gravitate towards neutral and earthy tones - which is obviously fitting for the weather. And with that in mind, a quality tweed blazer will probably be your best friend when it comes to upping the style points of your outfits this fall (or any upcoming fall). I picked up this one from J.Crew last year - and although there are subtly noticeable shoulder divets, it's a solid jacket. It has a good feel and silhouette, without being overly uncomfortable or heavy. Besides, the tad bit of extra room adds ample room for layering when colder weather rolls around. Also, I wasn't going to add a pocket square (from RW&CO) at first (it's actually never a bad idea), but I thought, hey - why not? And it looks great!

The black golf polo is an unorthodox choice because of it's material. and the fact that polos - especially athletic ones - don't usually go underneath tweed jackets. But as of late, I've really fallen in love with the comfort aspect of this particular Peak Performance polo shirt. It feels like wearing an athletic top, but it has a certain element of stylishness that gives it the ability to transition into a more sartorial look. I took the liberty to try that and push the polo's limits. And even though I may be a little biased, I think it looks good.

On the lower half of the look, I kept it super simple with a pair of olive Massimo Dutti trousers; rolled up a few times. Since I'm still hanging on to the last bits of summer, I thought I'd do a loafer sock (for the sockless look) with a pair of burnished brown double monkstraps (Hudson's Bay). Overall it pulls the look together, despite a few casual elements.

I tried to get a little creative with this look and it's something that I want to get back to doing more of. When you begin to build and grow your wardrobe, it gets easier to forget about certain pieces - and this fall I'll be trying to bring back a few older pieces to combine with newer ones - with the hopes of some interesting combinations.

On that note, try throwing in that extra bit of detail into your look this fall. You'll come up with some great looks that you never thought we're possible before. And don't hesitate to browse Instagram for more inspiration!

All photos are courtesy of Julie Yeh (@julie_yay).

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