Feeling Blue? No Problem!

Firstly, let me apologize for not being able to constantly post in this past while. School really catches up to you at this time of year; as well as other commitments. But here I am again to bore you with some more menswear tips!

I was fortunate enough to collaborate with the talented Pam Lau (Photography) and Rasin Zakaria (Art Direction) for a few work in progress projects (So lots more to come!) They really helped this shoot come alive and ultimately make this outfit (and me) look a lot better than what it is!

As for the outfit, I decided to incorporate many different tones of blue. It's one of those colours that you can have so much of while not overdoing it. I also decided to go with an unconventional layer: the henley. Usually worn as an undergarment, I decided to change things around and put it on top of the button up as a pullover; and to my surprise, it worked really well! So if you want to add another layer without feeling too warm, a henley is a great light layer! I chose a plaid button up to keep it casual; buttoned all the way to the top without any accessories. Cool but but put together. You can also wear the shirt without the henley if you're not a huge fan of layering. I just think layers are so key for fall! I chose to showcase a shawl sweater over top and a cotton topcoat as another option. Both are versatile choices that work really well; just a matter of preference. As for the pants, you can never go wrong with a nice pair of dark rinse jeans rolled up a few times. Showing some sock is key too for additional detail! I chose a fun blue striped pattern that worked really well. As for the shoes, I went with a classic Florsheim loafer with tassles. A bit of sophistication to top off the casual ensemble. Overall it's a put together look that works perfectly for fall!


Shawl Sweater: Club Monaco

Topcoat (Rasin's): Banana Republic

Shirt: Club Monaco

Henley: Club Monaco 

Jeans: Uniqlo

Man Clutch: Topshop (Courtesy of Kevin)

Socks: Unknown from Korea (you can find similar ones on ebay)

Loafers: Florsheim

Photo credits and art direction is courtesy of : Pam Lau and Rasin Zakaria, respectively. Check out their work!

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