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Hey guys!

Today's outfit is simple and fun - something that anyone can emulate and wear!

Hot summer days may cause you to wear slacks and really light clothing because let's face it, nobody wants to sweat in their good clothes. What if I told you that you could look stylish and SUPER comfortable with just 3 pieces?

Totally. Possible.


So, 'how?' you might ask? Simple.

Short sleeve cotton button up, light corduroy slacks, and sandals.

As you may have noticed, I love watermelon, and everything remotely about it. So when I came across the shirt shopping at Winners, I knew I had to have it. Beyond the pattern, the shirt is a very light cotton that works really well on extremely hot days. It's very breathable and stylish. You can also layer it over a t-shirt, or under a denim jacket depending on how you prefer to wear it.


The corduroy slacks are also a very simple and comfortable choice. More stylish than chinos, less restricting than jeans, these bad boys will complete your summer look in any color. I opted for a cream white because it works well with the contrasting print of the shirt!


Finally, the choice of footwear was something I decided to experiment with. I've never been a huge fan of sandals until I picked up this pair from Urban Outfitters . They're leather and stylish! Better than flip flops or dad sandals. You could also wear this look with a pair of sneakers or dress shoes, but I went for breathabilty on this hot day and I have to say, the look turned out alright!


That's it! Try it on your own. Don't be afraid to pick out a shirt that catches your attention, even if it's something a little out of the ordinary or your comfort zone. You'd be surprised how unique it'll look!

Also, thank you to the amazing Julie Yeh for the great photos! Spontaneous shots that turned out fantastic!

Thank you for reading! Stay cool in this hot weather! ;)

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