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With fall around the corner, adding layers to your outfit becomes a viable option for comfort and style. By keeping the layers light and simple, you are able to keep up with the changing weather, while looking stylish in an effortless manner. Furthermore, combining elements from different styles also adds more personality to an outfit. Here I chose to dress up a rather casual and plain outfit by simply adding a bow tie. Bow ties aren't easy to pull off and generally give off an overly-dressed-up vibe. However, the choice of colour can change that perception and make the outfit look fun!

Starting off with the shirt, I chose a lightly cross-patterned button up. Navy is a safe choice that is versatile with various colours. I chose not to tuck in the shirt into the shorts because that would have made the outfit look too 'geeky' or uptight; and I simply wanted a casual overall look. On top of that, I threw on a very light windbreaker jacket just to add layers and in case the weather got colder. The choice of red as the colour works well to make the outfit stand out. You can work with other layers for the same effect. Things like denim jackets or varsity jackets work really well with an outfit like this. For the shorts I chose white cotton shorts, which I rolled up a few times to add detail. You can wear them as high or low as you like, it's simply a personal preference. White works well as a contrast to the navy, however any lighter colour usually works with a darker coloured shirt (beige, salmon pink, etc).  As for the shoes I chose a pair of casual monk-straps. Not a common choice but the niche choice gives an edgy appeal to the outfit. Many other choices work as well, such as loafers, runners or even a desert boot.


Shirt: Club Monaco

Shorts: H&M

Jacket: UNIQLO

Shoes: Zara

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