Give Your Suit a Break

Give Your Suit a Break

Hey fellas!

This is a quick and short inspiration post on how you can take the top part of your suit, and use it for more than what it's intended for.

Some guys have been asking me how to wear suits they haven't worn in a while. Whether it's the fit or lack of interest in the print or style, it doesn't mean you have completely retire an old suit, or blazer for that matter. Even a suit that you wear often could use a break every once in a while.

You can find fun ways to make your blazer, good as new - for a whole new purpose.


If your blazer doesn't fit right, get it altered. 


It's not too expensive and you'll feel like you gained a whole new blazer. It's a good feeling.


If you're sick of the print or pattern, pair the blazer with a plain pant.


Contrast works. And it works really well.


If you've never tried the sock-less look with shorts, be bold and try it.


While we have this short-lived great weather, give it a try. It looks casual, yet classy.


If you're always wearing dress shirts under your blazer, try a polo.


Yep, I said it. You can totally wear a polo underneath a blazer. Again, it's casual and it looks so nonchalant.


Simple as  that! So next time you're stumped with your suit and you find it a little boring, give some of these suggestions a try!

Thank you to Julie Yeh for the photography! You can check out more of her work here.


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