Grungy Business Casual

Grungy Business Casual

Ever feel that your typical shirt and tie combo is too plain? Want to change that?

Easy. Add casual pieces and dress down your look - without trying too hard. Don't forget to work with colours and patterns as well!

This look will carry you through your hectic work or school day while easily transitioning into something for a night out - if need be. At work you can remove the denim jacket and toque to look put together - and 'dressier' - whereas on the go you'll be looking sharp and creative with the additional accessories. Also, don't be afraid to add your own creative touches such as a scarf or different types of jackets.

You can  start by changing your average tie into something more funky and creative. Wear a printed knit tie instead of your standard satin or silk tie. You can play around with the knot and wear it as you like - I personally prefer the full windsor knot. (Tips here on various knots) Secondly, wear an exciting pullover sweater over top. Not only is it more stylish, but it'll keep you warm in this weather - while adding a nice layered look to your outfit. Throw on a denim jacket over top of that and you've successfully made the outfit more casual. It looks stylish and edgy while still appearing well put together. I find that denim jackets work really well in adding that extra bit of detail to any outfit. Add some suede gloves and a knit beanie to keep you warm while giving your outfit more pops of colour. Dark rinse jeans work really well with this look. Feel free to work with chinos or dress pants as well. I added a wool sock to keep warm and try a new look - they look and feel great! Finally, I would do a dress shoe with this look to maintain the business casual element of the look - however, you can work with runners or boots of any sort!

Thanks for reading!

Photo credits to Shafi Sultan of The Individualist - A creative blog that covers street style and fashion trends in Toronto. Give it a look - some great content!


Beanie: H&M

Denim Jacket: Forever 21

V-Neck Pullover: Tommy Hilfiger

Oxford Shirt: Club Monaco

Tie: Uniqlo

Gloves: Club Monaco

Jeans: Uniqlo

Socks: Walmart (believe it or not, they're dope)

Monkstraps: Zara




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