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You’ve probably noticed that suspenders are back and bigger than ever. Guys of all ages are
donning these easy, affordable accessories for all occasions, and you want to join in on the fun.
You have a pretty important question about the trend though. How do you choose them, and once
you pick them out, how do you wear them? You’re far from alone when it comes to these
suspender-associated questions. Get the details and add a pair or two to your wardrobe.

Which Suspenders Are Right for You?

If you’re new to the world of suspenders, you might not realize that they come in two forms. You
can get the kind that attach with clips or buttons. If you’re going for the suspender-casual look,
you can’t go wrong with clip-ons. These versatile suspenders can be affixed to nearly any type of
pant you own, and you can even wear them with shorts.

Going for more of a buttoned-up look? You’ll love button-on suspenders. This formal style of
suspenders has to be paired with jeans or trousers that have buttons hidden in the waistband. The
six buttons affix to the suspender’s loops, allowing you to button them in place. Don’t have any
pants with buttons? Your tailor will be happy to add some buttons for you, or you can do it

Next, you need to think about width. If you want to go casual, go with a skinny suspender. Go
wide if you’re wearing your suspenders to a formal event.

The shape of the back is next. You can choose from Y-back and X-back suspenders. Y-back is
on point with the latest trends and should be the suspender of choice unless your shoulders slope
quite a bit. You also might need to go with the x-back if you have a hard time keeping your pants
up. Of course, if that’s the case, you should also consider investing in a better-fitting pair of

Now you’ve picked the perfect suspenders. How do you wear them?

How to Wear Suspenders

How you wear your suspenders depends on where you’re wearing them. Wearing them to a
business event? Go with a classic hue that goes with your shoes. You’ll look authoritative and
ready for business.

What about formal events? This is where you need to go with the perfect suspender/shirt combo.
Choose a shirt with French cuffs so you look exceptionally stylish. Add some cufflinks, and then
throw on some suspenders to complete the look. If you really want to dress to impress, throw on
a bow tie and add a pocket square as well. You’ll be the most stylish person at the event.
If you’re hitting the town, go with some skinny suspenders to let everyone know you’re in the
mood to relax and have some fun. As you know, these are more casual than wide suspenders, so
they’ll send the right message.

Finally, you might want to hang out with some buddies. This is where you can get fun and funky.
Use the suspenders to personalize your look. Put them over a sweater or a shirt to go as preppy or
as hipster as you want. Also, don’t be afraid of fun colors or patterns.

You are ready to show your fun and funky style off to the world. Pick up some suspenders for
every occasion, and get ready to rock them. You’ll be on point with the latest trends and make
your wardrobe a lot more interesting. Best of all, suspenders are inexpensive, so you can be the
hippest person in the room without breaking the bank.


About JJ Suspenders

Partners Josh Bluman and Jackson Cunningham created JJ Suspenders after identifying a gap in
the market. Custom-designed, JJ Suspenders are manufactured to provide the perfect look and fit.
Available in a wide range of colors and styles, JJ Suspenders makes choosing a new pair of
suspenders easy!

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