How to Support your Favourite NFL Team in Style

This year's NFL season has been pretty exciting thus far - especially as a Chicago Bears fan. The tremendous defense we've been seeing has re-sparked my excitement as a hopeless fan (at least for the past few years) - especially with Khalil Mack being added to the roster. It's solidified some tough games (especially that last game against the Seahawks) and ultimately made me want to see more of the team's capabilities this season.

Having said that, I'm getting into the whole fan thing again - without being involved in fantasy this year - so I'm a little less biased; and I wanted to actually support my team in a cooler way.

A Stylish Decision

"I decided to take a different approach towards supporting the Bears - in style."

Since I focus mostly on style here - at Muscles and Tussles - I thought why not incorporate it into my sports hobby? We're a few weeks into the season, so it's not too late to pick up some gear to support your favourite team. I mean, the most common way people support their favourite teams is by wearing fan gear - but why not go a step further and elevate your style while doing so?

I didn't do anything you can't do. In fact, this look isn't even that stylish, but it's an elevated approach at your typical fan look. I took a Bears logo t-shirt and threw on a comfortable Dockers flannel - topped with an ultra light down vest from UNIQLO. The approach is simple, but it adds some fun to the basic shirt. Other options that work well: denim jackets, work shirts, button ups - and the list goes on, you get the gist of it.

Jeans are a simple and common addition, so I tried to stick with a comfortable slim-straight pair that also looks fairly stylish. You can cuff the bottoms if you're into that, and you can throw in a stylish boot or sneaker to finish off the look. In this case, I went with Chelsea boots (these are an older pair from GEOX). Also - feel free to accessorize: I kept it simple here with a Timex watch, a great, casual addition to any look really.

As an end note, it never hurts to spiff up any look. You can go beyond what I did with this outfit, but as usual, use this as encouragement to have some fun with your gear and outfits. If you find other ways that up your game as a fan - let me know in the comments!

Go Bears!

All photography is courtesy of Julie Yeh (@julie_yay)

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