It's Time to Start Taking Care of Your Shoes

I don't know about you, but the weather in Toronto constantly plays a role in ruining my shoes and frankly, it sucks. The salt and precipitation really take a toll on the appearance of shoes, as well as the major wear and tear that they cause. When you find yourself wanting to wear a nicer pair of shoes on a slushy day, you immediately question whether or not it's a good idea, because your shoes will probably be ruined.

That's usually the case if you're not taking the time to maintain your shoes after using them. We tend to get careless and lazy (myself included) when it comes to our shoes, and if we want to prolong their lifetime, it's imperative to give them a little bit of TLC. This can be as simple as giving them a wipe down after using them or using a product like this before wearing them. It really isn't much, but it can go a long way in terms of saving you money in the long run.

Besides, who wants to have crusty looking shoes anyways? (we've all been there)

Now many people would simply suggest buying a new pair of shoes when your old ones wear out, but often there is a pair or two that you invest in for the long term . Taking care of them not only lengthens their lifespan, but also allows you to appreciate them more. I personally have a pair of Allen Edmonds that I've had for almost a decade now, and I absolutely love them. For some reason I never want to let them go because of their timeless design, so I'm almost forced to take care of them. When I didn't know too much about shoe maintenance, I would just get them polished and taken care of at the airport or the mall by Walter's Shoe Care. They always do a fantastic job - and they're a bunch of great fellas! Luckily they have a selection of products that I can now have at home for personal use when I can't make it to a chair.

In the past few months I've taken it upon myself to ensure that I take the extra step to maintain my kicks. It's a hard habit to get into because all you want to do when you come home is to slip off your shoes and relax. Taking a minute or two isn't much of a chore, really. I've placed all my shoe care products close to my shoes so that they're accessible whenever I'm around my footwear.

I want to personally recommend a few products that have really worked for me, and will most definitely work for you, since shoe maintenance is something we can all benefit from.

Water Resistant Protector

Probably my favourite shoe care product so far. It's got a super easy application process and it really makes a difference on those gross wet days. Oh, and it's great for real or synthetic leather shoes, so it works on practically any shoe.

Gentleman's Leather Care Kit

If you're unsure of where to start, this guy is a good starting point. It has pretty much all the essentials you need to ensure that your shoes are given the care that they need. Everything is straightforward in terms of application, so it doesn't take much to get the hang of all the products here. This also doubles as a great gift for any gentleman in your life!

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