Layered Sweats

Today's look is something I don't commonly wear - but decided to do so for the sake of comfort and getting out of my comfort zone.

The outfit is a streetwear inspired look that appears very casual, but is still trendy.

Although the weather is definitely getting warmer now, it's still nice to have options for those odd and unexpected colder days!

Sweats are obviously super comfy, but why not work with a few cool pieces and make a stylish yet comfy outfit?


I wore a cotton henley as the first layer. Very comfy and casual piece that in my opinion is better than a typical crewneck tee due to the button closure.

On top of that, I wore a quilted cotton hacking vest. Again, stylish and very comfy. You could wear this without the overcoat, but I decided to use it in an attempt to dress up the look.

Sweatpants are the tricky part. You want to find a pair that is slim fitting and appropriate for this type of outfit. I was fortunate enough to have a pair of generic sweats from Taiwan (Thanks Julie!) that worked really well! You could pick up a similar fitting pair from many stores today, including Jcrew, Club Monaco, Forever 21, or  H&M - whatever works for you.

As for the shoes, I chose to go with the simplicity of a white sneaker. You could work with other types of sneakers but I prefer minimalistic styles!

For accessorizing, do as you please. This is where your creativity comes in! I added cashmere fingerless gloves and a baseball cap - and they look good!





Thank you to Shadi Damaj for the amazing photography. Buddy went out of his way to get some nasty angles haha.

Hope you all enjoyed this look, cheers guys!

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