Leaving Behind the Winter Coat For Stylish Layers

Hey Guys!

Let's start off by being thankful for this mild winter weather we've been having. There hasn't been much snow and it's really been convenient for us to wear more (or less) than parkas, which is a bonus for style! I'm not dismissing the fact that global warming is at play, but that's a different conversation.

Winter usually limits us to putting a few simple looks together and we keep it all together with a parka or larger jacket - for the sake of cold weather. Now there's nothing wrong with that, but for those looking to stay stylish without the extra weight, and while still being warm, I have an answer. Consider ditching the parka and throwing on various functional layers. Yes, it will be extra clothing on your body, so that may come as an inconvenience to some, but you end up with a more stylish look.

We'll dive right into this look. I'm not a huge fan of the cold, so I start off with an undershirt (not visible). It wicks away sweat indoors and keeps me cozy outside. Yes, it does add bulk, but it helps with colder days. On top of that we've got a plaid shirt. Now plaid can be very casual - however, if you're staying away from the typical lumberjack style, you can up your pattern game. I added a paisley tie to compliment the red in the shirt (it was also fitting since it was the New Lunar Year - 新年快乐!) The cream shawl cardigan complimented the red really well. It's also what'll really be keeping you warm and comfy. I added the quilted hacking vest to complete the look and for the extra warmth (I get cold easily). But it makes the outfit casual and functional (more pockets). As for the pants, I kept it real simple with a comfortable and warm pair of functional dress pants from Dish/Duer (there'll be an upcoming post about how amazing these pants are), and honestly, they do the trick for any sort of function. I finished the look with my chelsea boots from Geox. A comfy pair of boots that don't stand out too much, but keep the overall aesthetic simple and classic.



The amazing photographs are courtesy of the talented @ahmedalkoka


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