Make Monday Great Again

It's Monday again - the universal day where most of us are having withdrawals from the weekend and dreading this upcoming work week. Sounds kinda crappy when you think of it, but we've almost programmed ourselves to feel this way every week.

I know that we're reawakening our minds for the work week, but how we approach this idea sets a tone for how the rest of our day (sometimes our week) goes by.

Why don't we try to change that?

It's so easy to fall into routine and accept things for the way they are. Getting comfortable feels nice and requires little thinking. On the contrary, wouldn't it be a little exhilarating to try and challenge that notion?

It's easier said than done, but imagine looking forward to Monday morning, as opposed to dreading Monday morning. Sounds unusual, right? But shifting our attitude into a positive gear really changes what you achieve from any action. Your mundane routine suddenly has purpose and motivation - and it's no longer about just coasting through the day, but rather experiencing growth from your actions. Your day will fly by that way, trust me. Immersing yourself in something with a positive approach makes it much more enjoyable. I'm not quite there yet myself, but as of late - I've been trying to make everything a learning experience and see what can come out of it if I approached it differently. It's a great feeling, I urge you to try it.

Furthermore, it subconsciously shapes your natural habits. If you're trying to eliminate a bad habit, this would be a good way to go on about it. Instead of focusing on completely eradicating a bad habit from your life immediately, you could improve your attitude in general, which could ultimately erode an existing bad habit.

Same goes for how you dress. If you tell yourself, 'meh it's not important what I wear because I don't care' - well, you've put yourself in that attitude where you won't be at your best. You feel me?

It won't happen overnight - no real improvement will, but it's a good start to changing how we go on with our daily lives - while constantly growing and improving.

So as a starting point, think of those times where you're excited to do something for no reason (maybe it's a hobby), and try to carry forward that attitude into whatever it is you're doing. It'll change your overall outlook. Don't believe me, try it.


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