Multi-Functional Pieces

Yes, more 'sweats', and yes, more functionality.

I have recently become a big fan of dressing up very casual pieces. It's possible - and it's great because your outfit is comfortable and stylish.

Lululemon has various pieces that work really well because they wick away moisture. So if you're a guy that easily sweats, these pieces remain presentable even when you're warming up, especially in this heat. They're really flattering as well!

I found that I was able to play a casual game of rugby (to test the practicality of the pieces) and still be able to layer in a button down shirt without feeling too mucky. This led me to believe that this type of look would be very practical for long commutes, especially when you're carrying a heavy bag or suitcase!

[caption id="attachment_2262" align="alignnone" width="665"]DSC_0059 Without the layered button down, the outfit is excellent for physical activity.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2265" align="alignnone" width="665"]DSC_1032 Doesn't look so bad, right?[/caption]

Even if it's not a look that you would use for work, or school, it's an outfit that can serve as 'commute attire'. On the go, comfortable, and looking great!


In my opinion, guys who are looking to dress better can start with this kind of look. It eases in a classier look while sticking to casual essentials.



As for the other parts to the look, you can stick to sneakers if that's what you fancy (usually works the best), but don't be afraid to work in dress shoes or loafers. I think they'd look fantastic!

I threw on a quilted vest for more layers (I love my layers), but it just adds more bulk. However, this works great for chillier days and evenings.








Outfit details:

Top: Lululemon Metal Vent Long Sleeve

Pants: Lululemon Surge Pant

Shirt: Club Monaco White Oxford

Shoes: Reebok runners / Joe Fresh sneakers

Vest: Club Monaco Quilted Vest

Messenger Bag: Lululemon

Photographs are courtesy of Ahmed Alkoka and Sean Pollock. Fantastic work as per usual, thank you so much guys! Also, a huge thank you to Max Smillie for facilitating the collaboration with Lululemon!

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