Patterned Pants

A fun way to keep your outfits exciting is to try out new patterns - on pants. Most commonly, pants are worn plain as an addition to a patterned or funky shirt. By switching it around, you have an outfit that stands out because of unexpected appearance.

Summer is a great time to work with different patterns on pants because of the relaxed element of the season. Keep in mind, the colours or patterns don't have to be too crazy. The patterns on the pants are enough to make that the focal point of your outfit without too much effort.

Here I wore a simple tank that isn't too flashy to allow the pants to stand out. The tank can be worn on its own, but in order to make the outfit more stylish, I added a short sleeve button up with subtle stripes. I chose to tuck in the tank top in order to show off the detail of the belt, as well as more of the pattern on the upper part of the trousers. For socks and shoes, I chose to keep it rather dressy in order to ensure that the lower body is the focal point. Striped socks work in this manner; or you can even choose to not wear any socks if preferred. The distressed loafers enhance the dressy element of the outfit without too much effort. Overall, you have an outfit that looks put together and fun - due to the natural captivating ability of the patterned pants.

S/S shirt: Club Monaco
Tank top: Club Monaco
Belt: H&M
Pants: Club Monaco
Sunglasses: Korea (unknown shop; similar ones can be found online on ebay)
Socks: Ralph Lauren
Loafers: Thrifted

As a side note: although the majority of the outfit is from Club Monaco, you can find very similar alternatives from other stores such as ASOS, Zara, H&M, JCREW and Banana Republic. I simply prefer Club Monaco due to the versatility of the pieces while not being too flashy.


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