Refining A Casual Summer Look

It's good to keep it cool and casual sometimes, especially when it's really warm out - but who says you can't look good while doing so?

Using basics as the foundation to the look, it's really simple to pull off, and regardless of your style, you can find ways to make it work - even if you change it slightly. Certain details and pieces will really make those basics stand out and look better than they really are.


Upper Half

I chose to stick with a henley from Club Monaco (button-up tshirt). It's a simple and comfortable top that looks a little better than a basic tee. I didn't opt for any funky patterns in order to maintain simplicity (but feel free to work with something bolder).


I then threw on a simple blazer from Indochino, with a pocket square. A light silk pocket square works great, but if you don't have a pocket square, you can experiment with almost anything. I've found scarves to be great if you don't mind cutting them up! This detail adds a new dimension to the look and really elevates your style! I also chose to roll up the sleeves once because of summer and all, but if you choose to stick with unrolled sleeves, that's cool too.


Simple right?

Bottom Half

Okay, here's where the look is completed. The simple addition of the tucked in shirt really goes a long way. It adds a refinement to the look - and although some people may not be a fan of tucked in shirts, it really does go a long way when it comes to upping your style game. So try it out. And don't forget a belt - I kept it simple once again with a brown suede belt, also from Club Monaco.


Pants wise - I did a pale green chino (again, from Club Monaco - they have great quality essentials, trust me), rolled up twice. They're not the slimmest, but they're roomy and super comfy. Perfect for summer, you can't go wrong. Other colors work too! Think pale pink, blue, etc.


Finally - saving the best for last: these shoes seal the deal. You could pull this look off with a pair of sneakers, but why not spice it up a bit? These Vans really pull the look together because they look like dress shoes, but they're super comfy and lightweight. I enjoyed wearing them with a low loafer sock for that summer casual vibe. If you like these shoes, there are more unique styles by Union Jack Boots.

A huge thank you to Ahmed Alkoka for the phenomenal photos. Check out more of his work here.

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