Reviewing Cardinal of Canada's Saint-Pierre Coat

Finding the right coat is always a chore of its own, especially when you want to invest in a garment that's going to last you longer than a few seasons. I've had a few coats from fast fashion destinations that didn't live up to my expectations, and it was a little disappointing - but hey, you get what you pay for. Then again, don't get me wrong - sometimes you do want a temporary solution that gets the job done for a short period of time. However, recently I've decided to stick with reputable brands that prioritize quality, so that I could have the garment for years to come. Another thing some people consider is: styles are always changing, so why do I want a coat to last me a while? - well, there are a multitude of reasons why you should get a good quality coat, but to keep it simple, it's more sustainable and if you find the right coat, it'll be timeless and will work regardless of what's 'in' or not.

The past few months have been really chilly in Toronto, so picking up a good coat was imperative. I reviewed the Colmar jacket not too long ago (a great quality choice) but it simply wasn't as stylish as I wanted it to be. Sure, I could work many looks around it, but there was a lacking element that made the coat 'too casual' sometimes. I came across Cardinal of Canada late last year, a Canadian brand that originated in Montreal in 1938. Although the brand has been around for a while, I hadn't been aware of it. I got a closer look at their coats during an event and saw that the quality was in fact there. Using a combination of high quality wool and cashmere (from mountain goats in the inner region of the Mongolian region in China),  it amazed me how good these coats looked up close. Their collections consisted of a few timeless styles that could be worn by guys of all styles, so I thought, 'hey, this could be a coat that I can have for a while'. After seeing some buzz about #the10yearcoat by Cardinal of Canada on social media and trying on the Saint-Pierre coat first-hand, I decided that I needed to pick one up.

We're also at that time of year where the weather isn't quite what we want it to be all the time. So sometimes it's too warm, or too cold. The all cashmere Saint-Pierre coat regulates temperature naturally, like merino wool, so it works well regardless of how the weather is. The coat itself isn't too bulky either, so it feels good to throw on over a suit or anything casual. I particularly liked the overall shape of the coat, despite it being a classic fit. When I wore layers, it suppressed the bulk of my look and maintained a flattering figure. My only critique is that the coat was a tad bit longer than I expected. I was used to the mid thigh length of my camel coat and this went down to just above the knee. It's not a big deal, but it took me a few wears to feel more comfortable with the length of the coat. Overall, it's been fantastic to wear and I'm thrilled to have it for many years to come. It really feels like something that will actually get better with age, like a fine scotch.

You can find Cardinal of Canada coats online at or in stores at Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, or Lord and Taylor. If you decided to purchase online at the Cardinal of Canada website, you can get 15% off using code: AbsdullaGift

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