Reviewing Functional Work Wear - The Dish and Duer Limitless Stretch Pant

Comfortable (and stylish) pants are becoming easier to come by nowadays, which I think is such a great thing! It's allowing more people to dress better in a simple manner since the clothing is comfier. Most people tend to stray away from stylish choices because of the lack of comfort involved with clothing made for work. And yes, it's sad seeing people dress in a lousy manner because of the comfort aspect. (Yes, it's your choice, but come on, you're better than that!)

I have become a huge fan of pieces that aim to keep you comfortable, especially when they're made for functional purposes, such as work. This is the reason I'm choosing to focus on a pair of pants I've picked up from Dish and Duer, a Canadian brand from Vancouver. Yes, I have a few pairs of lululemon pants that are fantastic and share a similar purpose, but Dish and Duer has really surprised me with how close to an actual dress pant they've come to with their Limitless stretch pant. You no longer have to worry about how dress pants or jeans are less comfortable for certain occasions, because a lot of brands are realizing that 'hey, comfort is so in right now' (based on my observation of joggers coming into style and brands beginning to use spandex, elastane and lycra in their products)

And it's also a good thing because many guys (including myself), tend to have larger thighs and quads that simply don't fit into your typical pair of 'stylish' pants. I wrote a post a little while back here about another brand that's stepped up their game in this regard, but it's amazing to see more of this being prevalent. A lot of guys I know really want to dress better, but they come complaining to me: 'where do I find pants that fit guys who squat?!'

But back to the limitless stretch pant. One of the things I've always had issues with (doesn't only apply to me) is my shirt un-tucking. It's a hassle having to force the bottom of your shirt back into place every time you stand up from your seat. This pair of pants has an elastic gripper around the waist that holds your shirt down. It's honestly so convenient! Beyond that, the pants actually look like dress pants, but feel like sweats. They retail in the price range of most designer dress pants (think Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Nautica, etc) but go a much longer way in terms of overall functionality. The final detail that seals the deal is the colour-lock technology that keeps the garment's colour and texture just like new, even after 20 wash cycles. I've had them for almost a month and they've really changed my thoughts on future purchases when it comes to dress and work attire.

The Verdict: They're an amazing pair of dress pants that will surpass all your expectations. If you haven't tried a pair of so called 'comfortable dress pants', these are your go to. My only critique is the pocket flaps in the back as they're a little large, but you tend to forget about them once you've embraced the comfort aspect.

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