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This time of year, basketball is my savior when it comes to cardio and overall exercise. Don't get me wrong, I still like to get into the gym and get my workout on, but it's one of those activities where time flies when you're playing and it's easy getting in that much dreaded cardio.

With that in mind, having the proper pair of basketball shoes goes a long way for your overall performance. You don't want to be getting blisters when you're cutting or rolling your ankle on the way down from a rebound. When I reviewed my last pair of basketball shoes (UA Hovr Mid), I was ecstatic about them - and I still am. They're a great, solid pair that fit my play style as a forward, plus they look fantastic (style points for sure). At the time, I had yet to try the Curry 5's, even though I've heard many great things about them. I was curious to how they were as a basketball shoe, beyond the fact that they were Stephen Curry's shoe. 

Once I got my hands on a pair, I tried them out (indoors only thus far because of the weather) and I really enjoyed them right out of the box. I read a few reviews and saw that some people were getting blisters from their first few wears, but I didn't have that issue thankfully. They're definitely a more mobile shoe, when compared to the Hovr Mid. The Curry 5 is a much lighter and more functional shoe that - in my opinion - provides more overall versatility. Regardless of your position, or skill level for that matter, you'll enjoy the light feel of the shoe. 

The colorways of the shoe are also rather creative. I really enjoyed the Bay Blues (a colorway inspired by Golden State’s home and away uniforms) and eventually the Tokyo Nights (a nod to the beauty of Tokyo at night). They stand out as a pair of basketball shoes and they're extremely comfortable. As a recreational level player, I think they're great, if that means anything. At higher levels of play, I'm sure there are other factors to consider, but I think they're a great pair that will easily carry you through a season and some pickup games along the way.

With the Curry 6 arriving soon (The Fox Theatre colorway drops on January 4, 2019, I'm really enthused about the updated design and silhouette, and will look forward to seeing the functional differences that the new model brings along. Stay tuned!

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