Small Detail Changes to your Suit

A short and sweet post today about refining the way you wear your suit!

Suits are always worn in simple configurations - jacket, matching pants, shirt, and tie. Well for the most part.

You can spice up your average suiting look by inputting some unorthodox details! It doesn't take much and it will make your suit really pop! I will break down the options that I have simply chosen for this particular outfit:

1. First of all, instead of wearing a matching pants and jacket combo, try and splitting it up by wearing a dark dress pant and a contrasting blazer - or vice versa!

2. Change up your typical 2 button jacket for a double breasted option - much more flare! If you're not a fan of double breasted jackets, you can do single button blazers or even find a blazer with a pattern - such as tweed.

3. Get rid of the tie - why? It's so common. Throw in a neck scarf under your shirt and keep the top 1 or 2 buttons undone to show some unconventional detail. It's a European inspired look but it can really change the look of your whole outfit.

4. Throw in a funky pocket square - and don't fold it into a 'square' either. Funk it up with colour and shape and you'll be surprised how good it looks.

That's it! Take some time to add small detail adjustments to your average suited look and you'll see how much better it looks with small adjustments! Thanks for reading!

Also, huge thanks to Reeny Im for the photography (amazing, thank you) - and Indochino for the collaboration and featuring me on their facebook / instagram page (I'm honoured) - Check out some great custom suiting options if you're in need of a great fitting suit!


Jacket/Pants: Indochino

Shirt: Indochino

Cufflinks: Indochino

Scarf: Club Monaco

Pocket square: Lush / Indochino

Socks: Small Toronto Boutique (forgot the name)

Loafers: Allen Edmonds


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