Springspiration for Every Gentleman

Hey guys!

Spring seems to be in full effect now so it's time to really bring out some spring essentials and work with some color! Today I'm hoping to inspire every gentleman out there with outfits that can be worn by LITERALLY anyone. Whether you consider yourself stylish or not, I have a few suggestions that are not only comfortable, but suitable for any look you decide to pull off!

I'll start with the most basic essentials and build my way up to more dressed up looks - while keeping it super exciting and casual.


The first look is as simple as it gets.

Instead of wearing a regular crew-neck t-shirt, try a henley! Henleys are your typical long sleeve t-shirt, but they have the button closure at the neck. This adds a bit of detail to your look while you still feel super cozy in a light cotton top. I have it buttoned up all the way in the picture, but it looks even better when you undo a button or two - work with whatever suits you.

When it comes to patterns, don't be afraid to work with subtle stripes or even polka dots! You can never go wrong. Plain henleys and shorts also work well, but simply use your discretion as to what you like!

With shorts, some prefer to have them below the knee or longer than what I have on here. Totally cool - however I just find that they appear a lot more stylish when rolled up twice or three times.

Throwing on a simple hoodie isn't as lame as you think. Finding a right hooded sweatshirt that fits you really well can make your casual look very put together and actually kind of stylish. Zip closure hoodies are a personal favorite of mine, but you can work with your typical pouch pocket hoodie - just make sure it fits you well! Loose and baggy isn't flattering when it comes to hoodies.

Pair this look with your favorite sneakers or loafers if you choose to do so. You can't go wrong with a clean white sneaker so consider investing in a pair for those casual days!

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Feeling like you want to add a bit of sophistication and style to your casual look? Throw on a button up shirt instead of the henley - and voila! Sexy and casual!


For those who enjoy looking more stylish and putting in that extra bit of effort, try working with funky button ups tucked into your pants. Many people think tucking in your shirt makes you look like an old man - or that look is out of style, but it's totally stylish! Not only does your belt get some attention, but it's more flattering overall for your whole look!

Roll up the sleeves on the shirt and the bottom of your pants! I like working with the sock-less look because of aesthetic purposes. Looks effortless and stylish. However, a nice pair of socks can always compliment any shoe or look. Use your discretion!

A pair of oxfords, loafers, sneakers, or desert boots work very well with this look, so experiment and see what you like best!



Finally - you can dress that look up even further if you like! Simply throw on your favorite blazer and accessorize a bit! Find a simple or funky pocket square to add detail, and even add a lapel pin if you can, they're such fun little detail additions!

And don't settle for a simple tie! Try working with funky patterned or floral ties - even different styles as well, such square bottomed ties! You'll be surprised at how cool they make your whole outfit look! Top that off with a cool tie bar for added detail and sophistication - and you're set. You'll definitely stand out!


Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog posts! I know they can get fairly long! (Sorry not sorry)

A huge thanks to Sean Pollock and Borys Petriczko for the photography. These guys make look photography look like wizardry, seriously! Check out their work!

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Cheers fellas, best of luck with exams and enjoy this beautiful weather!

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