Staying Bold in the Cold

You might call today's outfit a little unpractical for the current weather in Toronto - however, sometimes it's alright to be a little 'bold in the cold'. Sacrificing a bit of comfort for appeal is worth it if you can put together an outfit that stands out and makes you feel great. In my case, I chose to wear an undershirt under the band collar shirt to keep warmer - and surprisingly it wasn't all that bad in -20 weather. In other places, this would be very practical - and since I'm already thinking ahead (spring mentality), it's nice to start bringing out some color into outfits!

To start off, I chose to wear a band collar shirt (similar to a mandarin collar, which is unlike the typical button up with flaps). I thought it would be exciting to implement this style of shirt into such an outfit. It's a unique piece that can't be worn with everything, so try wearing it on its own, with blazers, or some sort of shawl cardigan.

I kept it rather simple by throwing on a blazer over top - without a pocket square, because the scarf I chose has an exciting pattern, and I didn't want to take away from it. Also, there would be too much going on at once if there was a pocket square as well.

The scarf choice may surprise you, but it really works. A little while back I couldn't lay my eyes off this particular scarf - and it happened to be a women's scarf. That's right. A women's scarf. There's nothing wrong with that. Not only is the pattern beyond amazing, it's comfortable and works well with almost any piece you wear. Moral of this blurb - don't limit yourself to choices based on societal norms or what you think may or may not be acceptable. Go out of your comfort zone and live a little!

Since color was my main focus, I paired the upper garments with a slim burgundy chino. It's a color that works well with other darker tones and isn't too niche. Furthermore, you can wear long johns under pants to keep warm, and it doesn't add much bulk to your look.

Finally, I chose to wear my monkstraps since they work well with the outfit, despite the fact that they aren't the best choice for a winter shoe. It simply looks better than a pair of boots - but that's completely up to you.

And a huge thanks to Reeny Im once again for the photos! Really thankful for all those who take the time out of their day to help me out! Much love guys.

Thanks for reading fellas! Enjoy the rest of your week!


Band collar shirt: Brooks Brothers

Blazer: Indochino

Scarf: Club Monaco

Chinos: Club Monaco

Socks: Club Monaco

Monkstraps: Zara

Fedora: ebay


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