Style Tips: Last Minute Holiday Outfit

This post is slightly late - but better late than never, right?

The style of this post is a little different too. I'm hoping to diversify the type of content I blog about in the coming year for the sake of change and trying new things!

Let's get to it though.

For any upcoming holiday event where you're not too sure about what you should wear, consider keeping it casual without overdoing it. Typically you might wear a suit or a tacky Christmas sweater (which is totally cool when it's a tacky sweater party), but instead, try doing something simpler! Here are a few suggestions as to what you could do with different simple options!

1. Can't decide on colours for your particular event? Stick to neutrals. Simple as that.

2. Going for an edgier look? Top a button up with a leather moto jacket and keep it simple with a pair of neutral tonede pants. Again, you can never go wrong with neutrals, and if you want to add colour, anything works really well without much effort - regardless of the occasion!

3. Shawl sweaters are your best friend when it comes to layering! Instead of a blazer, try a bulkier warm sweater over top of a button up or tshirt. Its comfy/cozy and very stylish. Want to be fancier? Throw on a funky bowtie and layer it with a scarf and a light peacoat.

4. Instead of a long sleeve button up, go short sleeve! Roll up the sleeves a bit too so there's a bit of detail. Overall very simple! Also, if you don't like layering, this is something you can easily wear with a big coat over top without getting too warm!

Cheers guys, thanks for reading! Wishing you all the best and have a safe new year! May all your wishes come true!


Huge thanks to Sean Pollock once again for the impeccable photos. We decided to work with a different medium and try a static background to create a different final product. This turned out rather nice; and truly showcases Sean's creativity and talent








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