Stylish and Functional: The Arc'teryx Seton Jacket

When Arc'teryx comes to mind, you think of the outdoors and quality gear. And although I haven't had much experience with the brand before the last few months, I have developed a new appreciation for this design-forward brand.

Why you might ask? Well, it's a bit of a well-rounded experience that led me to this opinion. When I first swung by the Arc'teryx Yorkdale store, I was greeted by knowledgeable associates who were very keen on explaining the function of every piece I looked at - beyond their aesthetics. The Veilance line was what I was initially curious about, since I had heard about it from a friend who made clothing. He explained how well made the products were, and I had to see them first hand, while getting the full rundown. Needless to say, I walked out with a wealth of knowledge about the technologies used in their garments (especially GORE-TEX, which is really worth checking out), and was grateful to have taken the time to do so.

Inspiration comes from people, the places and things they want to discover.

Arc'teryx Yorkdale

A Closer Look

If you've read this far - or have scrolled down to just look at the photos, you'll see that I ended up picking out the Seton Bomber Jacket.

Initially, I wanted to write this review before wearing the jacket much (reviewing it at face value) because it looked really good, but I decided I would give myself some time to wear it in a bit more. And I'm glad I did - because it has become one of my favourite pieces this season.

It's not just because of how it looks. The Seton bomber jacket is a warm choice for fall layers, especially if it's a casual look that you're going for. The garment contains numerous synthetic materials, which provide technical outdoor functionality, comfort and durability. Also, since the jacket is water repellent, you're getting quick dry times and no dampness on the inside. You really have to try it on to see what it is I'm talking about, but if you're curious to know: it's the perfect combination of soft and tough.

So far, it's been an awesome go-to jacket to throw on for daily casual wear. Although winter has surprised us by arriving early this year in Toronto, I'll be looking forward to seeing if I can carry this jacket forward as a layering piece during the colder months.

I kept this look rather simple: I threw on the bomber over a denim shirt layered with a cotton crewneck sweater, paired with slacks and desert boots. Simple, smart and stylish!

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