Stylish Layering for Colder Days

Although we're getting closer to better weather here in Toronto, most days are still colder than we want them to be. It goes without saying that sometimes it is easier to dress down and be comfortable, but it really isn't that hard to look half-decent whilst being co'mfortable!

I've discussed this before - and I will continue to push this idea forward: dressing well doesn't necessarily mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Yes, we all have lazier days where we can't be bothered to put on anything more than sweats, but we can strive to improve our daily choices.

If you're thinking - why the fuss about dressing well? 

It's a form of politeness, which ultimately makes you more presentable and respectable as an individual. I firmly believe that bettering yourself allows you to be better to those around you. And it can sometimes start with dressing well and putting some effort into your overall appearance.

Another thing is - you might see others dressing well or not-so-well, so you might think: why even try then? My humble suggestion to that is: who cares? Do it for you. It's very easy to compare yourself to others - especially in today's day and age with social media (Etc etc), but try shifting away from that mentality and try being better than you were yesterday, even if it's the smallest step.

Now as for the look - I kept it simple, comfortable and functional. Nothing crazy here - other than the amount of layers (I get cold easily, give me a break).

  • Coat: Cardinal of Canada Cashmere Coat - warm and versatile choice for any look, dressed down or up.
  • Cotton Henley: Frank and Oak - simple and comfortable; especially as a base layering piece.
  • Denim Work Shirt: Dockers - a versatile choice that's also comfortable.
  • Cardigan: Massimo Dutti Cashmere + Merino Wool Blend Cardigan - I may have over-layered for some here, but this is a good piece that keeps you warm without making you sweat; due to the materials' natural thermoregulating properties.
  • Scarf: H&M Wool Scarf - simple choice, works well here and in other situations.
  • Gloves: Frank and Oak Wool Gloves - to keep the hands warm, you know. Love the little colourful details on these.
  • Denim: Joop! Jeans - a great pair of denim that will carry you through all seasons. The slight stretch helps with movement too!
  • Boots: Frank and Oak Chelsea Boots - comfortable and stylish; a pair of Chelsea boots will go a long way in your wardrobe and should be a staple.
  • Duffle: Ted Baker - spacious, and stylish; although you can substitute this with any other form of 'bag', I enjoy the duffle bag since it has nice detailing on it - and it's a piece that can compliment any look - while carrying your necessities.

All photography is courtesy of Sean Pollock (@seanpollock).

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