Suit yourself, with sneakers

Suit yourself, with sneakers

So there's the ongoing debate of whether you should or shouldn't wear sneakers with your suit. It's an interesting topic because the suit is generally associated with formality and dressing up, whereas sneakers achieve the complete opposite. But who said you can't have a bit of both?


I personally was opposed to the idea for a while. Why would you want to butcher a great dressy look with a pair of sneakers?

Then I saw these two fellas in GQ, completely killing the suit and sneaker game.

suitsneaker gq suitsneakre bradley

I said 'hey, why not?'

So I tried it a little while back. I wasn't exactly loving it at first ... because the type of sneaker you use really affects your overall look. (I'd say stick to a simple white sneaker at first, but you can play around once you've gotten a little more comfortable!) But the most important thing to keep in mind is the fit of your suit.

I cannot stress that enough. Having a well-tailored suit helps ease the sneaker into the look, making it look almost effortless.


If you're wondering, where do I get a suit that fits like that?

You're gonna have to tailor and adjust an existing suit, or buy a custom suit (mine is from Indochino, they're great by the way!)


I think it's a lot of fun to wear sneakers with a suit. It's a look that embodies professionalism on the go. Although it may not be acceptable in most corporate settings, it can be a transitional look while commuting or simply for casual settings.

You'll definitely turn a few heads.


As a side note, the type of suit you use isn't really an issue. It's a fun look, so have fun with it. Even splitting a suit (like Bradley Cooper, a few pictures above) works really well!


If you're still iffy about the whole thing, give it a chance, try it out! You can ease into the whole suit and sneaker game by trying to wear chinos and a casual button up shirt. Top it off with a casual blazer or sweater and you're halfway there!


I'd love to hear what you guys think though! Hate it? Love it? Let me know!


Last but not least, a huge thank you to Sean Pollock for the photography. Incredible work as per usual. Do yourself a favour and check out his website, here.

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