Summer Grunge

Hey guys!

Are you too lazy to iron your clothes? Still love your old pieces that will never look new again?

No problem.

Wear them fashionably in a grungy manner! In simple English, wear them anyways. but use their age to your advantage.


I dug up three pieces that were in the depths of my closet. I decided, hey, why not bring them back? And so I did.

The pieces are common choices that almost everybody has:

-A casual button up shirt (denim looks better wrinkled and/or distressed)

-A white crewneck tee with a pocket

-A pair of cotton shorts


It's a very casual outfit that looks simple and stylish. To add more grunginess and style points to the look, I did a few things that anyone can do! Simple:

-Roll up sleeves on button up casually (no rules to this)

-Roll up shorts (no more than 2-3 times)

-Throw in a stylish neck scarf (you can also do an ascot)

-Wear leather bucks (you could opt for sneakers, boots, or whatever floats your boat, just my preference)

-Carry a classic tote bag


You might think, why would you not iron your clothes and just wear them ironed and nicer looking? I mean, I could, but there's character to this particular look because it's a nonchalant and still looks presentable. It can carry forward from a casual day at the office, all the way to a night out.


What you choose to do with the look in terms of details is entirely up to you. For the accessories I did opt for more casual pieces (other than the scarf) but you can definitely wear more stylish things to make the outfit look even more sophisticated! For example, instead of a casual Casio watch like mine, you can do a classic DW watch .


For future reference, don't hesitate to bring out clothes that are wrinkled! Funk them up and make them feasible by adding a few simple touches like I mentioned above! You'll be surprised as to how good your outfit will look. A specific recommendation on a fabric that works really well with this particular style is linen. It is a little more expensive usually, however it is a more breathable fabric that is perfect for summer and looks phenomenal when wrinkled because of its constant casual appearance.


Last but not least, a HUGE thank you and shout out to Sean Pollock, who is always a pleasure to shoot with and comes through with phenomenal photography. Do yourself a favor and check out his work!

Thanks for reading gents! Enjoy the rest of August!

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