Taking Love a Step Further with Ted Baker London

We're a little fashionably late for Valentine's day, but who says that's where the love stops?

I've decided that showcasing some lovely spring looks from Ted Baker London would be the perfect way to keep everything exciting beyond the so called 'Valentine's week' - and hey, it's beginning to slowly feel like Spring! (fingers crossed)

Yes, I know it's not Valentine's day/week anymore. So why am I writing this? Well, there's so much more to loving others and yourself (treat yo'self). Love itself (however you choose to define it) goes way beyond that particular day (or hallmark holiday). I thought about writing a 'guide to' or 'gift ideas' post for Valentine's, but I decided something like this would be more fun for a change. Besides, it's cool to see different inspirational looks to carry forward for any occasion. So I'll keep this post light-hearted and easy to consume.

It's so common to see people getting extremely worried or excited when Valentine's day rolls around because of reasons such as impressing the other person or simply not having someone. Loosen up, it's not that big of a deal, I promise. And you might say, 'oh it's easy for you to say because you've got a significant other'. But I've been on the other side of the fence and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Give yourself a chance to try new things and even consider working with new styles for your wardrobe. It's actually quite fun to see what you can come up with when you have a theme in mind

The reason why I chose Ted Baker in particular is because the brand maintains it elegance while adding a creative yet refined edge to all their garments and accessories. It's also the craftsmanship that's prevalent in all their products, making everything stand out. Even certain details make their signature pieces rise above other comparable items because of the intricacy involved.

Julie and I decided to bring together floral prints on our first look to keep things a little fun. It's an introductory spring look that can carry you forward into summer, since it's light and casual (not to forget comfy as well). We kept it cool and cold colour toned for Toronto's edgy streets and the outfits really matched the setting!


This second look revolved around fun yellow tones during a blissful New York sunset. The tones are warm and foreshadow summer vibes with the laissez-faire feel. I was thinking of using other tones than black, but I thought it was appropriate to keep it neutral with dark tones so that the look can be carried forward to an evening out! The sneakers also add a casual touch to the overall look, although loafers would also complete the look for a more put together feel.

Thank you Erica for the photographs in Toronto, and thank you Jacqueline and Tamara for the creative direction and photographs in New York! 

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