The Folding Board Travel Hack

When I travel, I find myself throwing my clothes into my luggage in the most compact way possible, and that usually ends up ruffling them up. I recently decided that I wanted to change that a bit, while still being able to carry quite a bit.

My retail days at Club Monaco still haunt me - the endless folding, spacing and so on. But one thing came to mind that I remembered using - "folding boards".

If I had a folding board with me, I could fold my clothes properly, then in a compact manner, stow them away. But the folding board is a little unnecessary to carry since it serves one single purpose. However, we carry one thing with us most of the time that works as the greatest folding board - hear me out.

Your laptop.

Yes, that's right. I tested it and it looks great. Initially I thought, wow that's kind of silly. But upon trying it out, I realized that this is in fact a proper method to keep your clothes tidy on the go, without carrying the extra accessory (the folding board).

The pictures below show just how simple, and easy it is to do yourself - and yes, I do encourage you try this at home, or of course - on the go.

That's all for today folks, just thought I'd share this exciting bit of 'discovery' with you all. For all I know, this could have been done before, but it's still kind of impressive to me!

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