The Light, Functional and Stylish Timepiece by Swatch | The Skin Irony Collection

A few weeks ago, I spent some time with Swatch discovering a new collection of exciting watches - the Skin Irony Collection. The collection focuses on 'skin thin' watches that feature a harmonious combination of functionality and design. It's always exciting to see brands stray from the norm and get innovative with existing products and designs!

And Swatch is no stranger to that idea - since this is the brand that almost singlehandedly saved all of the Swiss watch industry. While Swiss watchmakers struggled to keep up with the fast growing Asian Quartz watch market in the 80's (think Seiko and such), Nicolas Hayek revolutionized the accessibility of Swiss made watches to better compete globally. He came up with quality, reliable, and fashionable watches that could be affordable for most people around the world - and hence the Swatch Group was created!

Going beyond the short history lesson, Swatch has consistently created quality timepieces. I had a Swatch growing up as a kid, and it was perfect - except being the kid that I was - I lost it.

But luckily - I found myself the charming Skinpole watch (in silver; gold is cool, but not always my cup of tea); which combines simplicity, elegance and style. It works well with any ensemble, because of its versatility. That's obviously a recurring theme with many things I choose: simply because I like seeing how far I can go in terms of matching and combination. That makes it a great watch for daily use since you don't have to think much about what you're pairing it with. It's also a unisex watch - so Julie got a matching one too, and it's lovely!

The silver SKINPOLE is a slim and polished stainless steel watch, with a lustrous sun-brushed silver dial and a subtle black print

The quality of the watch is apparent when you hold it. It has a good weight to it and when you put it on, it's not very distracting (in terms of it being irritating to the wrist). At 5.8 mm in thickness (Width Millimeter 38.00 nm Thickness Milimeter : 5.80 nm Height Millimeter : 45.60 nm), it's hard to believe that you can have a watch that looks and feels great while not being too flimsy or fragile. When you flip the watch, you see the iconic Swatch back with refinement and detail. It's actually just nice to look at! And best of all - it retails at an accessible $200 price point (great for a Swiss watch).

I'm the type of guy who enjoys a classic watch without too much going on - so this watch really does it for me. Initially it took me a bit of time to get used to the lack of numbers on the face, but it's a matter of getting accustomed with its style. It's become an everyday watch for me - because of how light and stylish it is. Well done, Swatch!

All opinions in this article are mine. Photos are courtesy of Nick Lee (@bestoftorontonet) and Julie Yeh (@julie_yay)

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